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Oak Tree Diseases - Blisters
Oak Tree Diseases Anthracnose   Symptoms During wet weather, young leaves are blighted as bud break occurs or large dead areas form between the leaf veins primarily on lower branches. Winter twig dieback may occur. Slightly raised, brown dots (fungal fruiting structures) form on the lower surface of leaves and […]

Oak Tree Diseases

Nematode Diseases
Nematode Diseases   Nematodes are soil-dwelling non-segmented roundworms, usually less than 0.02 in. long. Those that feed on plants have a hollow spear-like mouth part (stylet) that is pushed into the plant cell. The worm forces enzymes through the hollow stylet into the cell where cell components are digested and […]

Nematode caused Diseases on Woody Ornamentals

Evergreen Needlecast Diseases are caused by several fungi. Needles infected with fungi generally fall several months after the actual period of infection. The period of greatestinfection for most needlecast fungi is during the late Spring and early Summer months. Symptoms, the visible indication that the needle is diseased, do not […]

Evergreen Needlecast Diseases