Dandelion Control

Dandelions are a perennial weed with dark green foliage that forms a rosette shape. Yellow flower appear on hollow stalks that then turn to puffballs. Their taproot is what keeps them alive during the winter. Like crabgrass, dandelionsspread by seed. If the leaves or stalks are broken a milky white sap emerges. Dandelions will grow in almost any condition.




Chemical Control Method

  • Apply our reduced risk selective herbicide Clear Choice. This herbicide only contains .07% chemical. In other words, it is close to being organic and it is highly effective. Buy now

Organic/Cultural Control Method


  • In the fall top-dress your lawn with compost. The compost will add nutrients to your soil.
  • Another option would be to spot treat with vinegar. This method kills the leaves but not the root system. This eliminates having to use a herbicide
  • Corn Gluten is also an option for controlling dandelions. Be sure to apply before dandelion seeds germinate, late April/ early May. Buy Fire Belly Corn Gluten Now!
  • Dandelions are often seen in lawns with low calcium levels. Therefore, ¬†you may need to increase the calcium level of your lawn. Use nutralime to help control dandelions
  • Apply our non-selective organic herbicide. AllDown produces results in as little as an hour. Order AllDown Now