White Clover Control

White Clover is a difficult weed to control. White clover is a creeping perennial that grows in turf with low nitrogen levels. It is often identified by its three leaflets that attach to one petiole. Crescent shaped watermarks are often found on leaflets of white clover. In the summer white flowers appear. White clover is a winter perennial. Therefore, active growth will start when there are cooler temperatures and increased moisture and continue until nighttime temperatures reach freezing.

White Clover

Chemical Control Method


  • Apply our reduced risk selective herbicide, Clear Choice, without harming your lawn! Clear Choice contains only .07% chemical. It is extremely effective on over 60 different weeds! It also contains Trimec which is very effective on killing white clover.
  • AXXE Broad Spectrum Weed Killer is another BRAND NEW product that has been giving AMAZING results! Learn More About  AXXE!
  • Post emergent broadleaf control is one method of controlling white clover. Liquid is most effective when the clover is young (March- late May).
  • If white clover is out of control Roundup is an option. However, it will kill any plant it comes into contact with. The area being sprayed may need to be tilled up and reseeded. Be sure to use this chemical on a sunny, windless day.


Organic/Cultural Control Method


  • Corn gluten meal is an effective organic method. On average 20 lbs will need to be spread for every 1000 square feet. Order today! Apply corn gluten in early spring, water well, and then let it dry out.
  • AllDown is a non-selective organic weed killer that is effective when trying to kill white clover. Use this herbicide when the weed has emerged out of the ground. More than one application may be needed. BUY NOW
  • Another method is increasing your mowing height. This prevents sunlight from weed seeds that are trying to germinate.
  • If there is a small amount of clover in the lawn hand pulling is an option. Be sure to pull as much of the root system as possible.
  • White clover is normally found in lawns that have low nitrogen. Therefore, add nitrogen and decrease phosphorus.


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