Spots found in lawns that are brown with a redish-pink tinge may be red thread disease. Red thread is generally an indication of low nitrogen levels in lawns. It is found when temperatures are between 50°-75° and humidity is high. When red thread attacks a lawn it is time to […]

Red Thread

Common mallow is an annual broadleaf weed.  Leaves are round or heart-shaped with several shallow lobes that range from one to three inches wide. Common mallow is sometimes confused with ground ivy. Common mallow leaves attach to the stem at the back of the leaf and ground ivy attaches at […]

Common Mallow Control

Yellow woodsorrel is a summer annual or perennial. Each leaf normally consists of three heart-shaped leaflets. Yellow woodsorrel reaches 8-15” in height. It blooms bright yellow flowers from early spring through mid-fall. Yellow woodsorrel can grow in moist, dry, sunny, and shady conditions. It can withstand a quarter inch mowing. […]

Yellow Woodsorrel Control