Spruce Tree Rhizophaeria Needlecast
Spruce Tree Diseases Cytospora Canker   Symptoms Sunken dead ares of bark and underlying wood form on the lower branches of the trees girdling small branches in 1 or 2 years and large branches after several years. Resin flows out of the cankers and may drip down on lower branches. […]

Spruce Tree Diseases – Symptoms & Control

Pine Tree Diseases Cyclaneusma Needlecast   Symptoms Needles on Pines yellow and have dark-brown bands from September through December, the year after infection, or from April through June, 2 years after infection. The brown bars become filled with a tan fungal fruiting structure, which opens wide under very moist conditions. […]

Pine Tree Diseases – Symptoms & Management

Scheduling Disease Control in Woody Ornamental’s The scheduling of effective disease management measures is not a simple task nor can it be consistent. The activities of the organisms that cause plant disease are not governed by the clock. Their activity is influenced by temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture and other […]

Scheduling Disease Control in Woody Ornamental’s

Perennial Shrub Diseases   Time and Time again it seems that we, as homeowners, are always fighting a never ending battle when it comes to disease and fungus on our Perennial Shrubs. ¬†Shrub diseases can have a major impact on the entire landscape and if not properly treated can lead […]

Perennial Shrub Diseases

  Cherry Tree Diseases   Black Knot   Symptoms Dark-brown to black, hard swellings form on twigs and branches. At first these galls are small but continue to enlarge each year, becoming very rough. Each Spring, galls are covered with dark, olive-green, felt-like growth. Branches may be girdled and die. […]

Cherry Tree Diseases

Anthracnose   Symptoms Leaves develop irregular water soaked or blackish green blotches that eventually turn black or brown. The blotches develop from the margin inward and are usually limited only by the midvein. Leaflets curl toward the blighted area. Ash anthracnose symptoms develop in mid spring and are often followed […]

Ash Tree Diseases

      Branchlet   Symptoms The oldest branchlets turn brown in autumn and fall off   Management Branchlets rather than scale leaves are shed in autumn as a normal part of the plant development   Kabatina Twig Blight   Symptoms Tips of one-year-old branches die and turn brown or […]

Arborvitae Diseases, Symptoms & Management – Bagworms, Spidermites & More!