Spruce Tree Rhizophaeria Needlecast
Spruce Tree Diseases Cytospora Canker   Symptoms Sunken dead ares of bark and underlying wood form on the lower branches of the trees girdling small branches in 1 or 2 years and large branches after several years. Resin flows out of the cankers and may drip down on lower branches. […]

Spruce Tree Diseases – Symptoms & Control

Forsythia Diseases Gall   Symptoms Knobby galls from along forsythia branches.   Management Prune infected branches. Disinfect the pruning shears thoroughly after use.     Twig Blight   Symptoms The ends of lower branches, especially those near the ground, die. Black nodules of fungal tissue are found inside the stems […]

Forsythia Diseases

Crabapple Diseases Botryosphaeria Canker   Symptoms Leaves on infected branches wilt and die. Branches die back and become covered with dark-brown to black, pimple-like fungal fruiting structures. Wood under the bark is dark brown.   Management Trees most susceptible are those under drought stress. Be sure to water the plant […]

Crabapple Diseases

  Cherry Tree Diseases   Black Knot   Symptoms Dark-brown to black, hard swellings form on twigs and branches. At first these galls are small but continue to enlarge each year, becoming very rough. Each Spring, galls are covered with dark, olive-green, felt-like growth. Branches may be girdled and die. […]

Cherry Tree Diseases