powdery mildew

Sycamore Tree Fungus Powdery Mildew
Sycamore Tree Diseases¬† Anthracnose   Symptoms Dead twigs and branches have sunken cankers. Bud death followed by new bud formation and more bud death results in witches’ broom-like proliferation of branch ends as well as very crooked branching patterns. Black fungal fruiting structures are visible on the bark covering newly […]

Sycamore Tree Diseases – Symptoms & Control

Oak Tree Diseases - Blisters
Oak Tree Diseases Anthracnose   Symptoms During wet weather, young leaves are blighted as bud break occurs or large dead areas form between the leaf veins primarily on lower branches. Winter twig dieback may occur. Slightly raised, brown dots (fungal fruiting structures) form on the lower surface of leaves and […]

Oak Tree Diseases

Hydrangea Shrub Diseases   Botrytis Blight   Symptoms Petals turn brown and fall. Leaf spots form, especially where faded petals have fallen. Flower buds are killed before opening.   Management Space plants to insure good air circulation. Maintain low humidity. Avoid watering late in the day. Remove crop debris. Apply […]

Hydrangea Shrub Diseases

Dogwood Tree Diseases¬†   Anthracnose & Decline Symptoms Brown spots up to 1/4 inch in diameter go entirely through the leaf and have reddish-brown halos. Tiny, dark-brown fungal fruiting structures dot the brown areas. Small, reddish-brown spots without brown centers may pepper portions of the leaf or extend along veins. […]

Dogwood Tree Diseases

      Branchlet   Symptoms The oldest branchlets turn brown in autumn and fall off   Management Branchlets rather than scale leaves are shed in autumn as a normal part of the plant development   Kabatina Twig Blight   Symptoms Tips of one-year-old branches die and turn brown or […]

Arborvitae Diseases, Symptoms & Management – Bagworms, Spidermites & More!