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Forsythia Tree Disease


  • Symptoms

    • Knobby galls from along forsythia branches.
  • Management

    • Prune infected branches. Disinfect the pruning shears thoroughly after use.


Forsythia Stem Galls


Twig Blight

  • Symptoms

    • The ends of lower branches, especially those near the ground, die. Black nodules of fungal tissue are found inside the stems when split open. Young nodules of fungus in the pith are white at first.
  • Management

    • Avoid overhead watering in the spring. Prune infected branches. Thin out the shrub to ensure good air circulation. Apply thiophanate methyl + flutolanil (fungicide). Apply ZeroTol Fungicide as the buds swell in the Spring and repeat the application until symptoms get better. ZeroTol Fungicide is a ready to use spray that is made with all natural ingredient, which means its safe for children and pets. Very effective on Blight! 


Forsythia Twig Blight
Twig Blight Killing Branch Tips


Leaf Spot

  • Symptoms

    • Round, irregular spots develop on leaves. Leaves may begin to fall depending on the severity of the disease. Outbreaks become more severe if the weather is moist and cool.
  • Management

    • Improve ventilation by heavily trimming the shrub. PureSpray Green is a great way to control Leaf Spot. This product only contains 1% active ingredient. Therefore, it is very safe for the environment. BUY NOW!

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