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Blanket Flower Perennial Shrub Diseases - Symptoms & Control

 Blanket Flower Perennial Shrub Diseases:


Aster Yellows:

Symptoms - Leaves are yellowed and flowers do not appear normal or of good quality.

Management -  Remove and destroy infected plants. Control leafhoppers early in the season with insecticides in order to suppress spread of the pathogen


Bacterial Leaf Spot:

Symptoms -  Areas between veins turn dark brown and collapse. The entire plant may be killed

Management - Remove and destroy infected plants. Apply PureSpray Green to help control and prevent leaf spot.

White Smut:

Symptoms -  At first light green spots, some with tan centers, form on the leaves and white spores form on the spots. The leaf spots become dark brown.

Management -  Remove and destroy spotted leaves. Apply myclobutanil to protect healthy plants


Septoria Leaf Spot:

Symptoms -  Tan spots containing tiny dark brown to black dot-like fungal fruiting structures form on the leaves.

Management - Do not use sprinkler irrigation. Apply PureSpray Green to help control and prevent leaf spot.


Powdery Mildew:

Symptoms -  White fungal growth develops on the surface of leaves.

Management -  Apply PureSpray Green. An all organic spray that works great for controlling powdery mildew. BUY NOW or ZeroTol Fungicide/Bactericide is a very effective way to control any type of mildew



Root & Stem Rots:

Symptoms - Lower stems turn tan to dark brown. Sometimes white webs of fungal growth can be seen.

Management - Avoid over-watering and do not mound mulch against the plant.



Symptoms - Leaves may be distorted or have patches of light and dark green coloration

Management -  Remove and destroy infected plants.


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