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Scheduling Disease Control in Woody Ornamental's

Scheduling Disease Control in Woody Ornamental's

The scheduling of effective disease management measures is not a simple task nor can it be consistent. The activities of the organisms that cause plant disease are not governed by the clock. Their activity is influenced by temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture and other highly changeable environmental factors. Strict scheduling is made even more difficult in the landscape because many different species of plants are being maintained, each with its own, often unique, diseases. As a result, the timing of pesticide application as well as other disease management practices must be tailored to the plant species being grown, the diseases that are present or could pose a serious threat, and the environmental conditions.


Dormant Season - Late Autumn - Winter

  • Run soil tests to check pH and fertilizer status 
  • Mulch to protect roots
  • Protect evergreens from drying winds, salt sprays, and ice damage.
  • Prune dead, cankered twigs and branches
  • Rake and destroy fallen leaves around trees and shrubs that had leaf spotting diseases, especially Rose Black Spot, Apple Scab, and Anthracnose
  • Examine the plants for galls such as those caused by Cedar-Apple Rust (on Junipers), White Pine Blister Rust, Pine Gall Rust, Black Knot on Plum and Cherry, and Crown Gall. Remove infected branches or remove severely affected plants entirely
  • Late in the dormant season at or near the time of bud swell, spray for Black Knot on Plum and Cherry, Oak Leaf Blister, Peach Leaf Curl, and Fire Blight as just one phase of controlling these diseases.


Bud Break - Spring-Early Summer

Spray to protect emerging leaves of plants that have a history of severe Anthracnose, Leaf Spots, Twig Blights, or are at high risk to these diseases.


Diseases of primary concern inlcude:

  • Sphaeropsis Tip Blight
  • Phytophthora Dieback
  • Juniper Twig Blight
  • Volutella on Pachysandra
  • Apple Scab
  • Douglas-Fir Needlecasts
  • Rose Black Spot
  • Cedar-Apple Rust
  • Dogwood Anthracnose
  • Pine-Pine Gall Rust
  • Ovulina Petal Blight
  • Fire Blight

Pick off and destroy any Gall or gall-like tissue such as Cedar-Apply Rust Galls from Junipers and Leaf and Flower Galls from Azaleas.

Apply Soil Drench fungicides to Azaleas and Rhododendrons which are at risk to Phytophthora Root Rot.



Apply fungicides, during wet weather periods, to prevent the further spread of diseases including...

  • Apply Scab
  • Rose Black Spot
  • Volutella on pachysandra

Apply soil drench fungicides to continue the Phytophthora protection.

Apply fungicides to control Pine and Spruce Needlecasts.


Cool Weather - Late Summer - Autumn

  • Spray to control Powdery Mildew on highly susceptible plants such as Roses, particularly during cool night-warm day periods.
  • Spray to protect the new Autumn growth on plants such as Junipers from Twig Blight infection.
  • Prepare new planting sites that should be fumigated and treat them while soil temperatures remain above 55°F and soil moisture is 50-85% of field capacity.
  • Allow the site to aerate several weeks before planting or cover the treated are with a plastic tarp and plant in the Spring.
  • Update the site inventory and be certain you have recorded all the diseases that developed on each plant.

In addition to these key periods of disease control, times during which plants are under stress (such as drought or defoliation) should be shortened as much as possible, through watering, insect control, etc. Stresses weaken plant vigor rendering them more susceptible to weak plant parasites that can cause Cankers and Root Rots.

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